Welcome to Inargy!

At Inargy, we are pioneering the future of energy markets with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Our expertise lies in analyzing, modeling, and forecasting electricity spot market trends, enabling a smoother transition to renewable energy.

As an agile startup, we are driven by collaboration, combining the unique skills of coders, quantitative analysts, IT specialists, traders, and market analysts. Together, we work towards enhancing liquidity in the short-term market and facilitating a more sustainable energy landscape.

Our Mission:

We aim to streamline the energy market's efficiency and support the growth of renewable energy. By managing forecasting risks for both producers and consumers, Inargy significantly reduces balancing costs and stabilizes supply and demand.

Join Us on Our Journey:

Inargy is more than just a company. It’s a collaborative project powered by a diverse team of service providers, investors, and visionary thinkers dedicated to innovating for a cleaner, more sustainable world. Join us as we redefine energy market dynamics and champion the cause of renewable resources.